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Bringing Green To The Next Level

A Revolution In Thermoplastic Elastomers

Xylox™ is a new form of Thermoplastic Elastomer made from 100% recycled tire reprocessed rubber crumb and post industrial/consumer recycled plastic pellets  with a manufacturing process that boasts several efficiencies over traditional TPE compounds from virgin material.

“There is nothing wrong with using plastic; what is wrong is how we dispose of it when we are done!”

XyloX™ Formulations

XyloX™ is currently available various formulations to suit a multitude of current and potential applications, and are all 100% recyclable.

The First Environmentally Responsible TPE

XyloX™ is manufactured using recycled plastics and reprocessed rubber crumbs from recycled tires.  It also requires less energy to produce than traditional TPE from virgin materials and is itself 100% recyclable.

Sustainability From Start To Finish

Like our core values – human focus, professionalism, entrepreneurship, our sustainability pledge is at the heart of our group of companies, striving to reach a balance between people, the environment, and business. To accept the responsibility and make a true commitment to the environment, one must look at the entire life cycle of the product, from how the raw material was produced to the effects of the disposal of the finished product after it has served its useful life.

Committed To The Environment

Our environmental philosophy, policy and practices have been established in consultation with key institutions on the forefront of environmental sustainability such as the universities of Guelph and Macmaster as well as government policy experts, so that we can embrace high level goals and acceptable procedures that allows us to maintain operational environmental responsibility within our group of companies.


Endless Applications

From automotive to construction , XyloX™ is an environmentally conscious solution to a profusion of products that benefit from the characteristics offered by TPE composition.


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Building & Construction

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